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Bath and Body
Body Smoother

Body Sugar Scrub

Make your next bath a sweet experience with our sugar exfoliant. Use it as a delicious all-over body polish, or treat yourself to a one-minute manicure or pedicure for silky-smooth skin. A blend of organic sunflower oil, natural sweet almond oil and Vitamin E, our Body Smoother moisturizes and renews your skin.

After you rinse the sugar off, shave your legs! They will be amazingly smoothe.

Body Wash

Body Wash

Use this gentle, sudsy moisturizing bathing crème every day in your shower, or treat yourself to a glorious bubble bath. All skin types will benefit from our Body Wash, which leaves skin soft and squeaky clean.

Pre De Provence Soaps

Pre De Provence Soaps

Long-lasting and triple milled soaps.  Super popular.  Great scents.  Lavender (relaxing), Honey Almond (exfoliating), Sage (herbal fresh), Milk (gentle cleansing), Verbena (sparkling fresh), Rose Petal (fragrant) and Pineapple-Banana (yummy).

Pre De Provence Soaps are now available in small bars as well as large bars.

Bonny Doon hand Made Soaps

Bonny Doon Handmade Soaps

Made locally in our Santa Cruz Mountains at Bonny Doon Farms. These are some of the finest handmade soaps and they come beautifully wrapped. Wonderfully scented and long-lasting. Makes a beautiful gift. Lavender (relaxing), Lemon Verbena (refreshing and Rose Geranium (soothing).

5.5 oz bar - $8.00

Loofah Body Scrub

Loofah Body Scrub

Creamy, gentle and moisturizing. Our loofah scrub gently exfoliates your skin with finely milled walnut grains. Give your skin a lustrous glow. Use in the shower, bath or as a hand cleanser.

Moisturizing Bath and Body Oil

Bath & Body Oil

Moisturizing Bath & Body Oil is a light, silky blend of organic oils including sweet almond oil.

Use it as a bath oil or as a moisturizing oil after your bath. You will appreciate the revitalizing and soothing, softening effects on your body.

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Super bubbly, gentle and safe. Our bubbly Bubble Bath makes bathtime fun!

Pour into hot running bath water for lots of bubbles!



Bathtime fun! Big ducks, Medium ducks, Little ducks, Lots of ducks! Big ducks float! Classic Yellow. The Party Duck floats, squeaks and the tongue rolls out just like party favors! The Surfer Ducks floats and is carrying a surf board. And then we have lots of Little ducks…they are so much fun, but tip over in the water! The assortment of little ducks is way too big to list, so when you order these, we will choose for you.

Silk Protein Shampoo

Hair Shampoo with Argan Oil

Nourish and cleanse your hair with our silky protein shampoo, formulated with nature’s finest herbs and vitamins. Moroccan Argan Nut Oil has been added to enhance the nourishing quality of our Shampoo. Our shampoo is available in all of our fragrances.

Silky Protein Conditioner

Hair Conditioner with Argan Oil

Restore your hair to its full luster with our silky protein conditioner, formulated with extra moisturizers and vitamins. Moroccan Argan Nut Oil has been added to enhance the conditioning quality of our Conditioner. Our conditioner is available in all of our fragrances.


Hair Therapy

Frizz-be-gone! Spray-on conditioning for dry, frizzy, fly-away hair. Moroccan Argan Oil is one of nature’s miracle conditioners. Our Hair Therapy conditions and shines your hair making it silky soft. Great on all hair types. Use it unscented or we can lightly scent it with any of our delectable fragrances. Available in travel size as well as large size.

Scented China Sea Salts

Scented Bath Salts

Sprinkle a handful of scented bath salts into hot bath water to release the captivating fragrance. Bath salts scent your bath water and soften your skin. Packaged in Chinese take-out boxes, bath salts are available in all of our fragrances. Some of our most popular scents are Vanilla Mango Tango, Plumeria, Lavender, Egyptian Musk, Seaside, Cool Water and Lemon Verbena.

These aromatic salts can also double as a room potpourri. Put them into a decorative glass container and place in a warm location to enjoy the scent.


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